National Show Mladá Boleslav 16.7.2011

16.07.2011 17:23

On Saturday, 16th July 2011, we set out on national show in Mladá Boleslav. I looked forward to this show very much as we did not enter any for a long time and mainly.... Lavender Misantos - Matýsek joined us and I could not wait to be there! :-) Matýsek started in his ring quickly together with other six dogs. And how did it go? Matýsek was amazing! He stood in the position as a professional :-) Judge liked Matýsek too and we got V2! We were excited with all our friends on the show and very excited were also Matýsek´s breeders at home in Karlovy Vary. I attach few photos bellow :-)

And what about Meggie? She was in the ring with other 9 bitches. The bitches were leaving the ring one by one until we stayed in the ring in total count of five bitches.  During the running in the ring we were finally also leaving the place. I thing Meggie looked nice, but she in not relaxed in the ring and we need to work on running. Our sister Clara has got V2, congratulations :-)