Lavender Misantos on a visit

13.07.2011 16:58

On Wednesday´s afternoon arrived the most expected visit. Who was that? Tonda Míšek together with Matýsek (Lavender Misantos) :-) Tonda has brought Matýsek to our home due to the plan of presenting Matýsek in international show Mlada Boleslav togheger with our Meggie. I looked forward to Matýsek very much. I saw him already on traning few weeks ago and I could see that Matýsek is a sweetheart.

I was a little bit afraid of Matysek´s separation out of his family and other dogs, but since the first day he seemed to be very happy here. We walked every day, I trained him and we tried standing for the show. He become a pet of our family very quickly :-) Matýsek is really very familiar dog!

I attach few photos from Matýsek´s holiday with us :-)