Autumn exam - 10.9.2011 - Morgiana Misantos 165/188 points, III. price

10.09.2011 14:02

On Saturday we started on Újezd u Berouna, where we participated on autumn examination organised by OMS Beroun. Meggie trained a lot and I hoped we will be successfull this time.

The weather was beautiful! Maybe too much :-) It was very hot and all disciplines proceeded in the middle of field, means... no shadow at all! I threw cold water on Meggie's head, to keep her fresh.

The atmosfere was fantastic, good mood, everybody very friendly. Chief judge of our group was Ing. Melion.


Meggie made all disciplines great with full points. Last discipline, when she went out from the water, she didn't pass the dug into my hands and we fell to III. prise. However, I was very happy that we were successfull in this examination :-)


There are some photos here ......